Club swimwear

Starting a Club Swimwear Group

I am part of a group of men that has formed a club swimwear group that loves to showcase our newest purchases from as often as possible. I know that there are a lot of guys that have no idea what I am talking about, but all things will be revealed in time if you are patient. The first thing I shall go over with you is how this little group of ours got formed. I will also go into the guys that are involved in this group and what we intended to get out of it.

Now, any man that is looking to start up their own swimwear group needs to consider a few things. You see, I intended to join a group of guys that enjoy wearing some of the more erotic styles of swimwear, but found it rather difficult to get anyone to actually admit that they had a group going. In fact, it turned out there wasn’t any groups within miles of the town that I live in. That makes it even more difficult to join a group when there isn't one anywhere close to where you live.

After spending almost a year looking for a club swimsuit group to join up with, even searching around online at times, I decided it was time to start one in my area. Now, this isn't a sanctioned group or anything like this. It's more like having a group of friends that you go fishing with once a month or maybe play golf with on the weekends. It's not like we have secret meetings complete with handshakes and pass phrases that we must recite in order to get into the door or anything like that.

We simply get all the other club swimwear members together at someone’s home once a month and show off any swimwear items that we have purchased. It's a nice quiet time that we can enjoy while wearing our swimwear and having a drink or two along with dinner. The good thing is that all of our partners, both men and women, know about this group of ours and they allow us the time to hang out and have some fun together. No, there isn't any type of sex involved in this group as that would cause too many problems for most of us.

While starting up this group , I found that most guys prefer not to discuss anything erotic that they might be wearing at any given time. Even those guys that love to brag about their sexual conquests every weekend will tend to keep things like this a secret from other guys. I find that I am basically the same way, although, I will tend to open up to those people around me that I feel close to. My wife thinks it is one of the aspects of me that makes me the sexiest man on the planet. Those are her words and not mine, by the way.

So I had to figure out how I was going to find other spandex men out there to invite into the group. That little aspect took me almost two years to figure out and I tried just about everything you could ever imagine. I even put an ad in the personals section of the local newspaper to see if I could find anyone that way. I didn’t find anyone that sought the same things that I was looking for, but I did find plenty of guys out there that wanted to hook up for the night and see the swimwear I had at the time.

Being as how I am not gay or bi-sexual, I had to turn them down and explain to them that I was simply looking for other men that were interested in starting up a Lycra spandex group. I may have upset a few of those guys through that newspaper ad, but I was bound and determined to get this group started. It wasn’t until I went out to a beach on vacation that I ended up finding the first member of our little group, and he lived just a few streets over from me.

You may find it quite odd that I would meet the first member of my erotic swimwear group over one hundred miles from home sitting on a beach that I just happened to be visiting for the day. I know I found it quite disturbing that it took me and my wife going on vacation for a week before that first elusive member was found. But that is how it came about, and he just happened to have a few friends that might want to join a group like this if we were to get one started.

So there I was sitting on the beach wearing one of my not so erotic micro swimwear items when this man walked up to me. He smiled and said that he really liked my swimwear. I could tell that he was interested in what I was wearing, so I introduced myself to him and asked him if he would like to sit in the shade. We chatted for a few minutes getting to know each other before he took his towel off and showed me that he was wearing the exact same suit that I had on.

After the two of us laughed and figured out that we had both purchased out extreme swimwear from, he asked where I was from. Once I told him what town I was from his smile got even bigger and he told me that he lived there and what street he was on. That is when we decided that there would be nothing better than to start up a small group of guys that enjoyed wearing erotic swimwear together. Even my wife agreed that the two of us should be hanging around each other more often, and so the group was formed with just the two of us.

Now, all we really wanted was to have a group that would sit around and talk about everyday things while wearing some erotic swimwear. We weren’t looking for anything more than that and we both agreed that we would find likeminded individuals that were willing to join us. It has been going on for almost six years now and there are eight of us that get together every month just to see what kind of new swimwear options we have all purchased since the last time we saw each other.

There have even been times when we have gotten everyone's families together and had a huge club swimwear group cook-out, too. These cook-outs happen quite often in the summer months and none of us are allowed to wear anything erotic since there are family members around. Even the kids are allowed to hang out for the cook-outs, especially since we all have swimming pools on our properties. Besides, what kind of family outing with a swimming pool would be fun if everyone's cocks were hanging out and flapping in the wind? Sometimes you have to let the moment speak for itself and keep the erotic behavior secret.

One of the most common things that our extreme swimsuit group likes to do is sit around and watch sporting events on television. In this way, we get that manly bonding time together. Yes, even the gay men of our group enjoy this. Of course, it's hard to be too manly when you are wearing something that has your cock stretched up to your chin and your balls are in metal rings to separate them, but we do our best whenever we get the chance. We have even been known to watch a musical or two when there aren’t any sports on television that night.

Now, if you are thinking about starting up your own swimsuit group, then you need to make sure that the men that you invite have the same outlook that you do. We had one guy that told us he just wanted to hang out like we all did, but tried to turn everything into a sexual orgy at every opportunity. After a while, we got tired of telling him no and just had to let him go from the group. That is something that you need to discuss with possible members ahead of time so that they understand fully what is expected from them.

If you live in a larger city, then finding guys to join your group shouldn’t be all that difficult for you. The only reason I had so much trouble is because I live in a town of less than ten thousand people and getting the small group we have to come out and admit that they wear items like this was difficult. The more people that are around you the better chance that you are going to be able to find someone that will enjoy the same things you do.

It is very important to set out some rules for your spandex group before you start inviting people in. You should also make it a point to sit down with each potential member and go over these rules with them so that they understand what it means to be a member. Now, you don’t have to make it all official or anything like that, but you should put in some things on what can get you kicked out of the group and what kind of attire is allowed while you are together.

I have found that by not having some basic rules put down for your Lycra group, you will end up drawing in a large amount of guys that have completely different views on what it means to be in a group such as this. Some of these guys are alright to hang out with, but the more persistent ones will need to understand that there are certain things that are going to be allowed and certain things that won't be allowed. It is up to you as to what you want your group to be about, though, so keep that in mind.

Our micro swimwear group has been meeting quite frequently and we find that we don’t necessarily need too many members in order to feel special. In fact, the less people you have in your own group the happier you will end up being, especially when it is your turn to host the festivities. Another thing that we all enjoy doing is going through all the newest items from when we get together. That is probably our highlight for the evening, and we can end up spending a lot of time looking through their website.

It's always a good idea to make sure that everyone has the same basic interests in your fetish group. We have had some people that have joined our group only to find out they have nothing in common with anyone there. It usually ends up with them leaving shortly after that, but there are never any hard feelings. Sometimes, you have to let people go from the group because of their needs and that is something you are going to have to work out as a group. Just make sure that everyone understands that there might be a high turn around with members until you get a solid group that can function together.

Once you have that core group of swimwear fans and members, you will see just how entertaining something like this can be. Everyone in the group will have a chance at hosting a swimwear party and you will end up learning quite a lot about each other. The main thing to remember when dealing with a group like this is that you have to have fun with it. If you are simply looking to hook up with someone, then you aren't going to be having any fun in your swimwear. You need that fun to help you get through the times when you aren't around the rest of the members and all that daily stress starts to pile up on your shoulders.

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Not every man is a member of some sort of country club or swim club, but there are enough of them that are that it’s important to have a decent selection of club swimwear for men available. Of course, it depends on what sort of clubs that men belong to as to what sort of swim suits they’ll want to buy. This is a very important decision for the men that frequent clubs because they want to be sure that they get the kind of attention that they want once they hit the pool.

Now is the perfect time to start shopping for just the right swim suits to wear when you go to your club. Before you set out to do that, though, take a couple of minutes to figure out just what sort of club you’re a member of. In that way, you can choose the right club swimwear to show off your body when you go. For instance, is it a fancy club where they hold golf or tennis tournaments? Maybe it’s more of a gentleman’s club where the largest portion of the membership is made up of men. It may even be a nudist club. Believe it or not, they do have a significant number of those around.

Let’s begin with the fancy country club environment. Obviously, what you wear to a place like this is going to be something highly appropriate for the event you’re attending. If you’re playing a round of golf, then you’ll be wearing a nifty Polo shirt and light weight khakis. Bermuda shorts and a brand name t-shirt along with some socks and Nikes may work on the tennis court, or off of it. Dinner in the four star restaurant at the club can require a dress suit and tie. The swimming pool will need the right club swimwear.

A fancy country club will most likely have a swimming pool that will host the rich and well dressed. That’s why any swim suits you wear when you go to swim and/or tan at the club pool will be designer suits at the very least. Those can get pretty pricey if you’re going to be buying a lot of them. Of course, if you’re a member of a country club such as that, you can probably afford it.

Now, what if the club you belong to is more geared toward gentlemen. Well, if you’re a true gentleman, you won’t have any problems finding the right kind of club swimwear. They’ll probably be pretty boring, though. You know; things like boxer styles and maybe those surfer styles that come in Hawaiian prints. If that’s your thing, then you should go for it. Individuality is very important in life and every one should go with the way they feel, even if it leads to questionable fashion choices. You have to be you, no matter what.

Those nudist clubs; now they’re something else! They’re also called “clothing optional.” This means you can choose to wear clothes, not wear them, or wear something in between. It just depends on the club swimwear that you prefer. Happily, finding this type of swimwear is easier than you may have thought. You don’t even have to go out to malls, shops or any of those adult specialty shops to find exactly what you need. All you have to do is sit down at your computer and let your mouse guide you where you need to go.

The great news is that there are lots of websites that offer any kind of swim suits that you may want to buy. This includes the special swimwear that you’ll find at the clothing optional clubs. If you’re a member of one of those, you already know that the club swimwear you’ll be modeling there is going to be quite a bit different than in most places. You can get by with a lot of various styles and designs if you choose to go that route.

If you’re interested in attention getting swimsuits, one place you should definitely check out is This is the website for men’s specialty swimwear, thongs, G-strings and fetish wear. You’ll find things at this website that you’ve never seen anywhere before in your life. For those guys that aren’t used to a unique erotic style, you’ll probably have your jaw hitting the floor. Just give yourself some time to recover and then you’ll start finding all sorts of club swimwear that you’ll want to buy to wear at your club. On the other hand, if you’re already a member of a clothing optional club, you’ve probably seen a bit of everything and won’t be shocked in the least. Instead, you’ll find many items that you’ll simply fall in love with and will just have to have!

It’s important to know that the designs you’ll find on all come from the creative genius of designer Michael David. Michael became interested in men’s swimwear when he was still a very young man. A neighbor came to swim in the family pool at Michael’s house and was wearing a Speedo type swim suit made from Spandex. Now, Michael didn’t need any club swimwear at that time and he wasn’t sure what Spandex was, but he was very drawn to the way that swim suit fit his neighbor’s body.

The neighbor noticed Michael looking at him and invited him to come home with him later that day to try on some of the identical swim suits that he sold. That’s when Michael fell in love with the sensual way that the Spandex clung to his body. It was also probably in that moment that he knew he would make a career of designing men's swim suits that men all over the world could slip into and feel the way he did. At the time, he probably wasn’t thinking about designing club swimwear, but his creations couldn’t help but become very popular with the men that are members of clothing optional clubs. 

Gradually, Michael got into doing what he was going to be his life’s work and now, more than twenty years later, Michael is still putting out his amazing and unique men's specialty wear. Best of all, you’ve got access to these unique styles right at Michael takes his time when he’s constructing each of his items, whether it’s a swim suit, a thong, a G-string, or one of his various fetish items. He never rushes through anything. Not only that, he personally tries out everything that he creates. If it’s not perfect, then it gets dismantled and goes straight back to the drawing board. This is true of club swimwear and anything else he designs. Not many designers can say that about their creations.

One thing you are going to have to fully appreciate is that most types of swimwear can be worn anywhere you might happen to visit. This means that if you are just planning a day out to the beach, then you can take your swimwear with you and have some fun. Granted, the clothes optional items may not suit the moral standards of everyone at the beach that you are going to, so you might want to check on the rules and regulations before you go. If they won't let you wear some of the more erotic options that you want to wear, you can either find a more liberal beach to visit or you can try wearing something a bit more modest. Whatever you decide to do, there should be at least one piece of club swimwear available at that you can wear to any beach. Of course, the first thing you should do is browse through their selections and make sure that you are going to be comfortable wearing their items.

Once you have found the perfect men's swimwear for your needs and body style, all you have to do is click to order. This means that you don’t have to worry about being seen walking out of one of those adult specialty stores with your items in hand and possibly running into a family member or co-worker. You know how interesting those conversations can become when you are trying to keep something like this a secretive as possible. But since you are ordering it online and it will be delivered to your home, you won't have to worry about it.

Another great thing about buying your club swimwear from is that the quality is good enough that you can actually wear them in place of your underwear for all of your daily routines. Not only will you have the comfort that you deserve from wearing your swimwear in this manner, but you will also be ready for anything that might come up later on. Have you ever been invited to an after work pool party or a trip to the beach with friends, but didn’t have the time to go change your clothes at home? Well, you won't have to worry about that now.

You have every opportunity before you to try out something new in your life, and swimwear could be something you want to look into. You can do all kinds of research online as to the newest designs in the swimwear world, but the first place you need to check out is You are going to find that they have some of the hottest and sexiest styles you could ever imagine swimwear being made into, and you will find all kinds of information on what is hot.

There are a lot of times in your life when you are going to want to impress people, and wearing your men's swimwear is definitely going to accomplish things like that. It doesn’t matter if you are at a private pool party, a fancy club, or out on the beach lying in the sun; you want people to notice you, and this type of swimwear is going to get you noticed. Once people start seeing you in your sexy new swimwear, they are going to be all over you trying to find out where you bought it and what it's made out of. That is just a fact of swimwear life that you are going to have to get used to.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t have fun in your life, and one of the best ways of having fun is to have sexy swimwear that is comfortable beyond imagination. If you can manage to find a swimsuit that is as comfortable as the ones that are found on, then you are going to find that fun is just around the corner waiting for you to tag along with it. Excitement is one of those things that is becoming harder to find these days, but you can get it easily with your club swimwear.

How many times have you been wondering what you were going to do over the weekend and ended up sitting around your home alone? Well, maybe if you had gone to and found some extreme swimwear for yourself, you would have ended up somewhere a bit more exciting and adventurous. Of course, those thoughts never seem to come into your mind while you are sitting there staring out the window, but it's never too late to decide to do something about it.

Go to and find some sexy swimwear that you can wear out in public and start enjoying your life again. You don’t have to be a member of any particular club to enjoy the benefits of wearing swimwear like this. You just have to have the need to change your life for the better and the willingness to actually do something about it. Once you get your mind set on changing things in your life and you have your sexy club swimwear, there is nothing that can keep you from having the fun that you so rightly deserve.

There are a lot of ways that you can find pleasure, and wearing men's swimwear is definitely one of them. There are actual guys out there that have built a complete fetish around wearing their swimwear at any location they can get away with it. They love the feeling that their swimwear can give to them and how it makes them feel more than confident in everything they do. This is the type of thing that every guy out there is looking for, but few of them realize that something as simple as swimwear is the answer to all of their problems.

If you have ever sat and watched other guys walking around on the beach, then you have noticed that the guys wearing the skimpiest of swimsuits are the ones that seem to have the highest amount of self-confidence in their lives. They understand that by wearing items like this out in public, they need to make sure that people see their confidence as they walk by. If they don’t, then other guys are going to start making fun of them for what they are wearing. That may not sound fair to most people reading this, but it happens more than you might think.

Wearing your swimwear every day will definitely give you the confidence to tackle all the things that are going on in your life these days. Everything from issues at work and financial problems you might be having at home can be taken care of and resolved by simply wearing your swimwear every day. Granted, the physical wearing of these items is not going to be the cause of your problems disappearing, but the comfort and confidence that you get from wearing them will help greatly in your attitude about them.

Once you have all your life’s problems taken care of, then you can worry about joining a club where you can show off your erotic swimwear. Sometimes that is just how life works, and you need to take every moment you can to find the peace that you deserve to have. It's not going to be easy to solve every problem or issue that might pop up in your life, but you are going to be as relaxed as you can possibly be in your new swimwear, so it won't matter quite as much to you.

Take the time to figure out what sexy swimwear you need for the days that you want to be different. Some days, you might be feeling a bit adventurous and naughty. It is on those days that you are going to want to be in swimwear that will match that feeling you have inside of you. Other days, you are going to want to be modest and professional in your appearance, and there are plenty of options that you can purchase from to suit those feelings as well. You just have to think ahead as to what styles you should be purchasing today.

If you happen to have a partner that is interested in helping you choose the right cmicro swimwear, then you should include them in your grand search. They can definitely help you in picking out swimwear that is going to highlight the best features of your body and possibly hide the worst features as well. The two of you can look at it as a kind of bonding moment and learn a lot about each other in the process. Learning things about your partner is a very good way of strengthening your relationship, too.

You should be aware that surprising your partner with swimwear that you have picked out and told them nothing about might not go off the way you had hoped it would. Granted, there are a lot of partners out in this world that would get a kick out of seeing someone they are in a relationship with walking out of the bathroom wearing the naughtiest items from However, there are also those partners that would probably think you are a freak and would run out the door screaming at the top of their lungs. You have to determine which partner you are with.

Surprises can be a great thing for all kinds of occasions, but surprising someone with erotic men'sswimwear might not be the best choice you could make. Even if you love the look and feel of the swimwear you have purchased, others might think it was a bit too much to handle and forbid you to ever wear it around them in public. Of course, that probably means they are a bit jealous of what you are bringing to the party, but if you value your relationship, you will at least let them look at the pictures of the swimwear before you decide to purchase them.

Buying swimwear should be an exciting adventure for you no matter what. You need to give in to your wild side from time to time and allow yourself to experience life in all its glory. Sometimes, that means you need to let go of your inhibitions and try wearing swimwear that is a bit more erotic in nature than what you would normally wear on any given day. If you can manage to do things like that at least once in a while, then you will find out shortly what true happiness is all about.

Go to and find the perfect extreme swimwear for you. Make sure that it fits your body style and that you are willing to wear it out in public, even if it means you are wearing it under your clothes. Don’t let anyone out there tell you that you can't wear something like that, but don’t force people to look at your body in public. Some people will enjoy what you are wearing and others will think you are nuts for showing as much of your body as you are. The main thing to remember is to have fun no matter what, and wear club swimwear that you are going to enjoy wearing in spite of where you might be heading off to. It's your life and you should live it the way you want to.

Elite bikini Swimwear

There is one great thing about being a member of an elite club, and that is the bikini swimwear that you are allowed to wear. Most of the people that are members of these elite clubs will do their best to set a certain kind of example when they are out in the public eye. However, when they are in the club and hanging out with all the other members, they wear what they want. This means they can wear all those fancy designs from places like and look as sexy as they already know they are.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories going on out there about what the elite tend to do in private, but I can assure you that wearing swimwear is probably the only really naughty thing that is ever going on. I am one of those lucky guys to have been born into the elite and I have found that wearing items of this nature is one of the perks that I greatly enjoy. When I am not out there cutting ribbons for new businesses and holding press conferences, I want to sit back and relax a bit so that I can forget about everything else.

The only way that I can really relax is when I am wearing my thong swimwear. I don’t take them out in public because most people wouldn’t want to see me wearing items like this out on the beach. Of course, there is probably a journalist out there somewhere that would give their left arm to get me in something like this while on the beach, but it's my private time and I like to relax in the spa at the club and just enjoy this little moment of time I get to myself.

One thing that I have realized is that there are more and more men that are wearing micro swimwear on the beach and out in public, in general. I think that is a very good thing to have happen for men these days. I have been wearing swimwear like this for decades and always thought that it would be good to see the little people in the world expressing themselves in a way that makes them feel comfortable as well. It's good to see that there are some things that can be appreciated by men of all classes.

Now, I am not trying to sound like an elitist when I say things like that, but seeing other men wearing club swimwear out on the beach is a very nice thing for me. I would love to be able to enjoy the beach just like any other guy and wear the items that I have purchased through without someone freaking out and putting my video up on YouTube. I simply can't wait until this trend becomes a worldwide phenomenon so that I don’t have to fear being seen out in public wearing something that shows off all of my manhood.

I hang out with a group of men that love to wear our swimwear around the spa, but none of us would ever dream of taking them out in public. We have an image to uphold and wouldn’t want anyone to know that we were wearing things like this. There are times that we will wear them under our clothing, though, so that we can enjoy the comfort they offer all day long. I have even been known to wear them at night when I go to bed simply because I sleep a lot better in them than I do anything else.

One thing you will notice about shopping for swimwear is that you can't just walk into any store out there and purchase them. These items are specially designed to be worn by the elite and that is something that places like Wal-Mart aren't going to be carrying. Of course, I tend to stay away from mass chains like that anyway, but the fact is that you will have to shop online for these kinds of items. I found that the best place for me is when I am looking for new swimwear to relax in.

Not only does have a great variety when it comes to club swimsuit that I can purchase, but the prices are much better than other sites that I have used in the past. It's not like I have to worry about dropping a couple of hundred dollars on swimwear, I can do that fairly easily without even really noticing it, but I like the fact that I am getting the same kind of quality that those expensive stores offer without having to pay their prices. For the rest of you, the price might be the one deciding factor on whether or not you purchase it altogether.

It took me a few hours to determine which club swimsuit item would be my first purchase when I went to for the first time. I had a lot of fun looking through everything they had to offer and took my time looking at all the pictures. I wanted to make sure that the swimwear I was going to be wearing would fit perfectly and look good at the same time. This is probably something that you should consider doing as well so that you know you are getting something you can actually wear.

You can still wear swimwear even if you aren't a member of any kind of club. It is a free country, after all, and you can pretend to be elite if you want to. You might even find that people will start treating you differently if you are wearing things like this out in public. You may not have the money and the power that people like me have, but you can still have some of the fun by wearing the same things we wear. You won't even have to spend all that much money in the process, either.

If you want to wear your micro swimwear out on the beach, you will need to make sure that the beach you are going to will allow it. There are a lot of beaches that will not allow more revealing swimwear to be worn no matter who you are. If you are lucky enough to have access to a private beach or one that is clothing optional, then you can probably wear whatever you want without any repercussions being involved. Of course, those beaches are a bit difficult to find these days, unless you know someone.

You probably won't be wearing your thong swimwear out to a public pool or while walking around town no matter who you are. These swimwear options are pretty revealing with their designs and you will end up showing off just enough of your body to start upsetting people. Most people these days are so stuck on the morality issue of hiding their body that they don’t understand that it is perfectly natural to wear items like this for just about every other culture on the planet. Have you ever seen aboriginal tribes in South America wearing three piece suits?

Wearing your extreme swimwear should be something that you enjoy doing because it makes you feel good. The only thing that you have in this life to really be expressive about is in what you wear. Your clothing options will dictate what you want people to know about you. Now, some of us prefer to keep that part of our life hidden from the general public, but there are a lot of guys that would love to allow everyone in eye sight to see exactly who they are.

When you first slide on your new thong swimwear from, you are going to find a sense of confidence slowly washing over your being. This is indicative of the feeling you get when you know things are about to change for you. I have personally had this feeling many times in my life with business transactions that I know are going to go in my favor, but I still relish the moment I put on my swimwear at the club or at home. When you have a boost in self-confidence, you know things are going to be going the right way for you.

I have found that by wearing my bikini swimwear to business meetings and other similar events that I usually always come out on top. Now, that may not happen with every men that decides to wear these items, but it's nice to know that the possibility exists. You may not end up running the world like some of us do, but you could end up getting that promotion you have always wanted because you are more confident in your life dealings. You just have to decide if you want to put the effort into changing your life or not.

If you choose to change the path that your life is heading down, then wearing  swimsuits is a great way to start. There really is no way that you will ever know the true feeling of wearing something like this until you actually go to and purchase something, though. You can sit at your computer all day long daydreaming about what it would be like to own an item of this nature, but if you don’t buy them and put them on, it will only be a dream. Anyone in my circle will tell you that taking a risk will usually result in triumph.

Whatever you decide to do about wearing swimsuits or not is completely up to you. You are the one that has to run the risk of people thinking you are a bit strange for wearing something like this if they happen to see you. You are also the one that has to explain to people around you why you would want to wear something like this. While it may not make much difference to you in your everyday life, it could possibly affect those people that you spend more time with on a regular basis.

If you have a partner or a wife, then you might want to explain to them ahead of time that you are purchasing swimwear from They may not care one way or the other, but there are some people that will find it a bit odd that you are purchasing things like this. It's a very good idea to make sure that the styles or designs that you are interested in are something that your partner or wife is willing to see you wearing as well. You don’t want to freak them out when you walk out of the bathroom in something showing off your manhood.

You can always start your swimsuit collection off with something a bit more modest than the most erotic options that offers, too. Anyone out there that has never worn items like this before should seriously consider something like that as a beginning step in their exploration of who they are. In that way, you aren't going to feel uncomfortable wearing something for the first time, and you can probably get away with wearing them out to the beach on a regular basis. But that choice, again, is up to you.

I spend most of my time wearing my club swimsuits at the private club that I am a member of and under my clothing while I am working. I do not let complete strangers know about what I am wearing ever, and that is a personal thing for me. You are probably a lot different, especially if you do not spend as much time under the scrutiny of the public eye, but you have the freedom of wearing what you want when you want. I would highly suggest wearing these items whenever you feel you need to, so that you can enjoy everything that your life has to offer you. Never let anyone tell you that you aren't allowed to wear something that gives you confidence and comfort.

Winning Swimwear

One of the strangest things I have ever worn was a set of club swimwear that a friend of mine had bought. He wanted to go out to this new club that was changing the club scene overnight and told me that I absolutely had to wear these things. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go to a club that required me to wear creepy looking swimwear, but he insisted that I would enjoy the experience. Just putting on this swimwear made me want to run out the door and never look back, though.

I can’t tell you exactly how that micro swimwear made me look, but I didn’t think it was all that flattering. I just knew that I was going to show up at that club and be forced to leave. But then I saw the swimwear he was going to be wearing and I knew that he would be tossed out that door before I would have been. All I could do after that was hope for the best and try not to embarrass myself too much during the night. Thankfully, the two of us weren’t the only ones wearing their swimwear that night.

It turned out that wearingerotic swimwear was the key to actually getting inside and the wilder the design or style the better chance you had of getting in. it was indeed a fascinating night to experience and we have gone back numerous times since then. In fact, I am usually the guy that is wearing the latest design through the doors. It really is amazing how much things have changed since I first put that swimwear design on in protest. I am thankful that my friend kept pushing me to try something new, though. If it wasn’t for him I would have never found the most exciting place in my life to have fun.

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